a screenplay by
Jillann Gabrielle
based on the book
MICHI Hedda Hopper’s Houseboy
by Tanemichi Sohma
Hedda Hopper, the outrageous Hollywood gossip columnist in the hats, arranges for a Japanese young man during the post World War II era to come and attend college in Los Angeles and work off his tuition and room and board by serving as her houseboy. Michi is a coming of age story, based on the actual life story of Tanemichi Sohma. This dramedy takes place in the mid-fifties during Hollywood’s Golden Age. As Hedda Hopper’s houseboy Michi plays host to film’s biggest stars coming and going for interviews and parties at Hedda’s home…known as Grand Central Station, while he encounters prejudice in his school life and the surrounding world. And Miss Hopper herself is also quite a challenge for Michi’s mild mannered personality. But through it all Michi remains steadfast in his sincere character…after all he is representing his country, Japan. Scored with the music of the era, Michi is currently a full-length screenplay—but it could easily be expanded into a mini-series utilizing today’s Hollywood stars portraying the stars during its Golden Age.