About Us

Jillann Gabrielle

Paradise Productions was founded in 1989 and has had many incarnations through the years as the production company for Jillann Gabrielle, its Artistic Director and Producer. Jillann is now writing original works for the musical stage and screen. Paradise Playhouse and Scintillating Productions now exist as the production companies for her original works. Jillann is currently the writer and creator of all the works and is producing them as vehicles for her performing talents…or in the case of the screenplays for sale in major markets as well.

Currently, we offer performances of our brilliantly written and performed original one-woman musicals at: Performing Arts Centers, Theatres, Banquet Halls, Libraries, Retirement Homes, Senior Centers, Park Districts, Women’s Groups, and private gatherings.

Jill collaborates with others as the need arises. On Hedda! A Musical Conversation she collaborated with Michael Termine on the book and some of the lyrics and with Howard Pfeifer on some of the music. Howard Pfeifer also arranged all the music. On The Garbo the Musical she collaborated with Howard Pfeifer on two songs and Howard arranged all the music. Jill researched and wrote the entire “book” (or story) herself.

Jill wrote Joan & Bette Bette & Joan entirely herself: book, music and lyrics. She hired noted pianist/arranger Jeremy Kahn to arrange the music under her direction. Jill also orchestrated all three works using talented musicians from the Chicago area including her husband, Phil Barrile.

Jill’s newest creation, Princess Di…Gone but still kicking!, was not only completely written by her but she has ALSO arranged the songs for piano and played them herself. They are currently on the website on the score page for Princess Di. Jill is available NOW to play some or all of the songs, as Princess Di, from the piano in a “cabaret style” presentation of the show. She will ALWAYS play at least three songs from the piano after its official release (Diana was a pianist). In January of 2020 the illustrious Howard Pfeifer, the arranger and sometimes composer for Hedda! and The Garbo, will again take on the mantle as official arranger. His more artsy, elaborate arrangements will then be orchestrated by Jill utilizing some of Chicago’s top musicians. The score has been played by and co-arranged by the noted pianist/music director Michael Benshish. Jill is orchestrating it and it will be complete by late April of 2020. Howard Pfeifer co-wrote and arranged two of the Diana songs. Jill has already booked a number of performances of this new jewel of a show. Check out all her bookings on the “Calendar” page of the website.

Jill is currently marketing both her screenplays/mini-series: Frederick the Great (on Frederick, the German Emperor, and the three Bachs) and Michi: Hedda Hopper’s Houseboy (on Hedda Hopper and her Japanese houseboy during the 50s in Hollywood’s Golden Age). AND Jill also has a number of screenplays in the historical fiction genre swimming around in her head. Currently she has her hands full with marketing her four original musicals and two screenplays.

Jillann Gabrielle, Artistic Director/Producer